Creative Clairvoyant Meditations

 The Book


I hope this book serves as a reminder to clairvoyant students, graduates, and newcomers alike: it's okay to have fun, make mistakes, play, and be creative in your meditation space.

What is actually in the book?

I want to be very clear: this book is 100 pages and currently available as an electronic book (PDF format). The print edition will be available in early 2015. Below are some of the subjects included in the book:

Releasing Your Church

Nineteen meditation suggestions for releasing the energy of your church from your inner world. Re-own your individuality and spiritual abundance for yourself. End games and old agreements.

Enlightenment Roses

Every time you learn something new you have a "mini satori," so why can't you model the experience on an energetic level as a message to your subconscious? This tool does exactly that. Discover how to use this tool safely so you don't create exponential karma for yourself. Let go of the very serious energy around this subject and enlighten yourself a little bit every day.

Foot Chakras and Rings

Not much has been written about the feet chakras. This chapter explores some of the information you can use to open them and get the energy flowing through them with ease. Includes one, supposedly, high Buddhist secret for opening up these chakras.

Kindergarten Exercises

This is the core of the book and includes over 66 creative meditation themes, ideas, and reading projects. Examine new ways to interact with your sub-conscious mind and release images. Play with everything from password protecting your aura, to cosmic airstrikes, to exploring the higher chakras; explore out of body trips into the stars and the cosmos, and much more. Expand the way in which you use your clairvoyance and meditative tools. This chapter has tons of great ideas for clairvoyant group sessions.

This chapter is raw enough to inspire you to create your own meditative tools and it also includes suggestions for doing so.

Controversial Ideas

An addendum to the kindergarten exercises chapter, but slightly with some more controversial ideas. This book invites you to think for yourself, experiment, and make mistakes.

Exploring Your Past Life Information

What information do you have from past lives? How long will it take you to own the information as a skill in the body? What karma and beings are already on it? Can you own it without those beings? Are there fences around it? Are you ready for it or will the information destroy you? What is the karma if you use it? How will it change your mockup space? Are you responsible enough to have it?


This chapter includes meditations for bringing your karma into present time, running forgiveness, and one of the most important tools: how to actually end karma. When you can end karma you have spiritual seniority. It means you can end games, and release destructive people from your life. It is one of the most important spiritual tools you can learn.

Parasympathetic Nervous System Healings

A complete description of an incredibly powerful out of body healing method. This is, hands down, one of my favorite meditations. It can make you feel like you took a two week vacation to Maui, simply by working the energy around your nervous systems, analyzer, and unconscious pictures.


What is sub-conscious programming? How does it work? How is it affecting you? How do you get rid of it? This chapter explores a different, more basic way, to release it.

The White Light Myth

Learn about transmedium energy and why filling up with white light may not be such a great idea.

Cleaning Your way to Happiness

Your external reality can be seen as a reflection of your internal reality. Take a moment to imagine or notice how your home looks. Is it clean or really dirty? How does your car look inside and outside? What about your yard? Your closet? Your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc? This chapter explores the relationship between healing and cleaning; practical suggestions and personal stories abound.

Meditation Suggestions

A list of interesting subjects to look at in your meditation space. Everything from pre-birth agreements, to other people's healing energy in your space, to arbitrary limits that prevent you from creating what you want. Get some new ideas.

A World of Possibilities

There are a lot of people out there offering some very cool programs, classes, and experiences. Take your clairvoyant information to the next level with the challenging suggestions in this final chapter.