Creative Clairvoyant Meditations

 The Book


Stimulate your imagination and creativity to design your own unique clairvoyant curriculum, visualization tools, and explore new and interesting avenues in meditation.

Go for it

Whether you want to create a shared exploratory meditation space with a group of friends or just discover some new experiences for yourself, this book will help you to evolve your clairvoyant tools in new and exciting ways. We are moving into an era where people who are new to clairvoyance have a different level of information, knowledge, and awareness than they did in the early 1970ís. The clairvoyant landscape is changing, slowly, but surely.

Permission to write about the clairvoyant tradition has slowly gained traction. The books about introductory level clairvoyant work have already been published. Debra Lynne Katz, Michelle DesPres, John Friedlander, Dr. Lauren Cielo, and others have begun the expansion of print, and digital, based awareness of traditional clairvoyant training.

I hope this book will be a valuable addition to the great body of work which all of the aforementioned authors have contributed to.

So ask yourself: how are your tools and abilities evolving? Are they? Are they in present time? Are you attracting students, clients, or friends who are more capable than you? How much enthusiasm do you have for giving away your own spiritual knowledge or teachings?

If you are reading this then, chances are, you are looking to deepen your perspective on your clairvoyant tools and challenge yourself in new ways. This is your opportunity to do just that.