Creative Clairvoyant Meditations

 The Book


My book, Creative Clairvoyant Meditations includes over one hundred meditation ideas to stimulate your own creativity and help you discover new tools, and ideas, so that you can make your meditation space a mind-blowing experience again...

The book you wish you had years ago

Is your head going to explode if you hear someone tell you to "look at it in a rose" or "get neutral" one more time? Are you a clairvoyant student, graduate, or teacher? Are you ready to use your tools in a different, more creative, way?

Or maybe you haven't trained at a psychic school, and are under the assumption that meditation is all about being totally silent, perfectly still, and neutral - a space where it is "bad" to use your imagination, make a mistake, have a wrong thought, or lose any mental focus, because you are supposed to be entirely immersed in mindfulness. That ultra-rigid image has become what most people think about when they hear the word "meditation." But the truth is that it's hard to learn anything when you don't have permission to make mistakes, be creative, or consciously imagine.

I spent three years training at two psychic institutes, in California, and I decided to write a book about all the creative techniques, ideas, and visualizations, that my friends and I came up with during our own explorations, after graduating.

How creative is your meditation space? Are you designing new tools and discovering new abilities, or environments, within yourself or are you doing the same-ole thing? How many of your past life tools have you uncovered? Are you exploring your upper chakras, the planets, extra dimensions, or running your energy in new ways?

Ask yourself: how do you feel about your meditation practice? Are you extremely enthusiastic about it? Bored as hell? Somewhere in-between? Would you like to discover new tools? What about create your own?

How many times have you blown up a picture, habit, or belief, or thought you let go of something, only to find it pop up again later? You didn't release the core issue, but did you ever stop to think about why? Have you ever considered how much of your meditation space is a shortcut around actual learning or inner communication?

This book assumes you have some clairvoyant, healing, or meditation, based information and understanding to begin with. It is not for beginners to the clairvoyant tradition.

When was the last time you did something dramatic to get an entirely different perspective on your space, your tools, and your clairvoyance? When was the last time you went skydiving, took Ayahuasca, or got Rolfed, to give yourself a healing?

This book is designed to give you a new perspective on your clairvoyant tools and meditation practice so that you can bring a whole new level of creativity to that space and go beyond the box. And you don't even have to jump out of an airplane to do it.